Starting and growing a business is hard.
Building software that works and keeps working is hard.

Partnering with small businesses
we build simple and effective solutions, fast.

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Atriumph is a one-man software consultancy ran by Frederic Gingras that provides companies with a deep expertise planning, building and operating software projects.

Every day too many companies spend thousands of dollars on websites and applications that barely work, don't solve the initial problem and are hard to adapt to ever changing business needs.

We are consicious of that status quo and work differently, we build great software that is delightful to use and easy to evolve.


A. Building the prototype of a new application

  • Map: We’ll start from the big picture and define expected outcomes
  • Ideate: We’ll brainstorm ideas, from practical to outlandish, identifying pros and cons for each.
  • Decide: We’ll select the top ideas and refine them further.
  • Build: We’ll start building a solution iteratively, making corrections as we go, until we get to…
  • Launch: We’ll double and triple check that we’re ready to go live. We’ll ensure that we have CI set up, deployment working, analytics installed, monitoring enabled, and security accounted for.
  • Learn: We’ll do a retrospective on the outcome of the launch and discuss the next steps.

B. Iteratively improve an existing application

We can provide the needed support and advice to established projects looking for someone with our expertise. We offer either work on a specific problem or feature of yours or in for a retainer on an ongoing basis.

C. Pairing & mentoring

Working with someone with more experience is often the most effective way to learn new skills quickly. We can work directly with your team and help them improve in:

  • Software development with Golang, Node.js and JavaScript
  • Project structure, refactoring and functional programming
  • Interface design and user experience
  • System administration and production environments
  • Collaboration with Git and Github


We work on each project as...

  • Entrepreneurs
    We define what the current context is, gather data about the current status of the problem at hand and assess what we are targeting.
  • Creatives
    We then look at all of the possible solutions, get creative, and evaluate all the crazy and not so crazy ideas to achieve more than success.
  • Builders
    Finally, we decide on the best solution for the problem at hand and move from idea to implementation quickly. Measure results and then we implement a clean, elegant and scalable solution.


What we hold dear and live by...

  • Work only on win-win projects
  • Start projects with business objectives in mind
  • Insert every bit of expertise we gathered along the road in projects
  • Evaluate multiple possible solutions before diving in
  • Strive for the simplest solution but no simpler
  • Don't do impossible deadlines
  • Don't settle for "good enough"
  • Charge premium rates
  • Deliver premium results


Given the liberty of choice we will work with...

  • Server: Golang
  • User interface: JavaScript, React.js, Webpack, D3.js
  • Database, Caching & Search: PostgreSQL, Redis & ElasticSearch
  • DevOps & Infrastructure: AWS, Ansible & Terraform
  • Tools: Github, CircleCI & Trello

We bring to the table professional experience with...

  • Server: Node.js, Python, PHP
  • Other languages: Java, ASP Classic
  • User interface: Angular.js, Ember.js, Backbone.js, Mithril.js
  • Database, Caching & Search: MongoDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL
  • DevOps & Infrastructure: GCP, Docker, Bash

Talk with us

We'd love to discuss how we could help your business, code or team. If you are interested, send an email to [email protected] or complete the form below.